Unable to log in to WordPress

If you are unable to access your WordPress dashboard, or unable to receive a password reset email, then you may need to take additional steps to gain access.

To reset, change, delete, or create a user in WordPress yourself, use the table below to find the scenario that’s applicable and follow those instructions.

Update WordPress Password

There are several ways to update your WordPress password. Typically you can perform this from within your WordPress dashboard. If you cannot access your WordPress dashboard then there are some alternatives as well.

To do it yourself, see 1 of these stepsDifficulty
Change your WordPress password in the dashboardEasy
Reset your WordPress passwordEasy
Change a WordPress password with SSHMedium
Change your WordPress password with WP-CLIHard
Change your WordPress password in the databaseHard

Update email address, create or delete a user.

As an alternative to resetting the password, you can update a user’s email address, so they can receive a password reset email. You can even create a new Admin user.

To do it yourself, see 1 of these stepsDifficulty
Change an email address for another WordPress userEasy
Delete a WordPress userEasy
Change a WordPress email address in the databaseMedium
Create an admin user in the WordPress databaseHard