Search for and restore backed up emails

Find and recover emails in your Email Backup add-on. Email Backup searches for keywords in email headers, including:

  • Subject line
  • Attachment name
  • Sender
  • Recipients

Search doesn’t include email bodies.

  1. Sign in to Email Backup.
  2. Select Exchange.
    Exchange tab underlined in blue
  3. Select the user in the Individual Mailboxes list.
    Click on user
  4. Enter your keyword(s) in the search box.
    Search box with invoices keyword

Note: If you’re unsure about the spelling, use a placeholder in your search. For example, if you’re looking for either Kristen Jenson or Kristin Jensen, search for Krist?n Jens?n.

5. (Optional) Sort the results using:

  • Name (sender)
  • Subject
  • Date
  • Location

6. Select the check box next to the item you want to restore.

7. Select Restore. You’ll see confirmation once the restore is successful.
Restore button with one item selected

Note: The size of the data being restored and Microsoft 365 server availability will affect how long the restore takes.

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